Frequently Asked Questions








Can I place an order for today? Tomorrow?
Since our products are baked to order, we need a minimum of 48h in advance for all orders! Take note that all orders have to be made on our website.

The date of my event suddenly changed, when do I need to advise you?
You may request a change in your pickup or delivery date up to 48 hours in advance of your original order date. 

I need to cancel my order, what do I need to do?
You can reach us by calling our store at 514-439-5970 or sending an email to For cancellations made 48 hours ahead, a giftcard of the amount of your payment will be given to you. You will be able to use it online at any time! Under the 48h, we reserve the right to a partical refund depending on the order, and under 24h we do not offer refunds.

Can I have my order delivered?
Of course! In order to qualify for delivery, your order has to be over 49$ of products. Our deliveries are made through our delivery partner, which determines delivery cost according to distance. You will be able to select your prefered delivery window and will be able to track your delivery in real time!

Can I buy a Rustique gift card?
Of course! You can buy them directly on our website. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email with a code that the recipient will be able to use while checking out on our website. Make sure to advise the person you are given it to that our gift cards can only be used on our website! They can proceed to use them for pick up or delivery orders.

I would like to add a product to my order, but it already went through.
No problem, contact us directly at our store at 514-439-5970 or by email at and we will see to the matter with you! Make sure to reach out to us at least 48h prior your order or will we sadly not be able to add or change any products on your order.

Allergies, intolerances and food specifications

One of my guests has a nut allergy, are your products safe for them?
Because we use nuts in some of our recipes, as careful as we try to be, there is always a risk of cross contamination. That includes all of our products, even the ones that do not contain nuts.

Do you have any vegan options?
None of our products are vegan.

Does your pie crust have any lard?
No, our pie crusts are made 100% with butter.

What kind of gelatin do you use in your products?
Most of our products are made using agar agar, a vegan gelatin alternative. If we exceptionally use gelatin in a recipe, it will be noted in the allergen section of the product page.



Can I order custom cakes?
We do not offer custom cakes, but we can customize to a certain degree the cakes that we make by placing flowers brought by the clients, adding a special cake topper or by adding fresh fruit. However, we will not add coloring for our buttercream or make intricate designs or patterns that are different from the standard cake decorations specific to each cake. Please send an email at to discuss our customization options with someone from our team.

Can I choose different flavors for each layer of the cake?
All our cake flavors are different and have conservation directions so we only use one cake flavor for each cake.

How long do your cakes and pies last?
Our pies and cakes last 2 to 3 days!


Can I freeze your desserts?
Although we always recommend buying our desserts fresh, some of them can be frozen.
The room temperature desserts like the apple mini pies and any of our room temperature baked goods freeze well. To thaw the mini pies, cookies or scones bake them in the oven at 350F or 180C for 10 minutes to start, and then check on your pie every 5 minutes. 
We don't recommend freezing any of our bars or refrigerated desserts such as our lemon meringue, as it might result in variations in texture and affect the quality of the product.

You used to have a particular flavor of pie that I really liked but I can’t see it on your website. Can I place a special order?
We have a seasonal menu and we change our pie flavors regularly. This allows us to always use the freshest ingredients that make the most delicious pies and to explore new flavors. This also means that some flavors might only be available for a limited time. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on social media to be the first to find out about seasonal flavors!

How many portions does a pie serve? How many mini pies do you suggest per person?
Our 4" by 6"  pies serve up to 6 portions. We suggest 2 to 3 mini pies per person!

Events and gifts

Can I add a card to my order?
We offer a beautiful watercolor card, designed and printed in Montreal. Our team can add a handwritten message of your choice, you simply add it in the notes at checkout when you place your order. The price of this card is 5$.

I want to order personalized gifts or packages for my employees. Is that something that you do?
Absolutely! Please send us an email at to speak to our event specialist or to book an appointment so that she can help you find the perfect solution for you.

Technical problems

My payment didn’t go through, what do I do?
We suggest trying again with another credit card and/or checking the expiration date on your card. If the problem persists, contact your bank or the credit card company. 

I made a mistake in my address when placing my order.
No problem! Contact us by calling our store at 514-439-5970 or by email at and it will be a pleasure for us to make the change for you! Be sure to let us know a minimum of 48h before the date of your order.

For any other questions, feel free to contact us at or call us at 514-439-5970