Mini Egg Chocolate Ganache Cake

Mini Egg Chocolate Ganache Cake

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Our chocolate ganache cake adorned with chocolate mini eggs for Easter! A chocolate cake base with a generous double chocolate ganache, topped with cacao and fleur de sel crumble, delicate chocolate petals and chocolate mini eggs.

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Icing Styles: 

  • Fully iced: Icing around the entire exterior of the cake (shown here)
  • Semi-iced: Light icing around the exterior of the cake, slightly exposing the layers of cake

Recommended servings:

  • Mini cake, about, 4" by 3.5", serves about 2 to 4 portions (shown here)
  • Small cake, about 4" by 5", cake serves about 6 to 8 portions
  • Medium cake , about 8" by 4",  serves about 12 to 15 portions
  • Large cake, about 8" by 5.5, serves about 20 to 25 portions
  • Two-tier cake, 8" by 5.5" for the lower tier and 4" by 5.5" for the upper tier, serves about 30 to 35 portions.

All cake sizes and portion sizes are for reference, listed as diameter by height.

Contains: dairy products, eggs, gluten, food colouring.
May have been in contact with nuts.

Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Take out of the refrigerator 3h to 4h before consumption. We recommend buying your cake the day it will be eaten. For more information, please consult our instructions page.